Strike/Lockout Info

Strike/Lockout Information

For those who have questions concerning the strike, please email

Picket Captain training: Will be held on Oct 27 at 5-9pm. For those who have put their name forward, once we have the required list/numbers we will contact you with the location. As space is limited we may not be calling all the volunteers for this duty.

View our photos from the October 25 Strike/Lockout rally.


Corporations strike memo to CUPE 87 Members – Correctionstrike-memo-to-cupe-employees-oct-26-2016-final

We have reviewed the information that the corporation has sent to you concerning the strike, the following is NOT correct: “Coverage for dental is cancelled for the duration of the work stoppage“. We advised the corporation that CUPE WILL BE covering dental as well.


  • Mortgage & Loan Payments
    Speak to your creditors and make them aware of your situation. Discuss options to defer mortgage payments or to make interest only payments on loans and mortgages while you’re on strike.
  • Credit Card Insurance for Help Making Minimum Payments
    Check to see if you have payment protector insurance on your credit cards or loans. If you do, you may be eligible for help making your minimum payments while you are on strike.
  • Daycare: CUPE 87 will have facilities for child care.  Bring your child to the CUPE 87 office, before goint to your assigned picket location, with peanut free lunch, snacks and juice boxes. As we have limited toys, please bring your childs prefered toys as well.
  • If members were planning on retiring by the end of the year and a strike was called would they still be able to retire during the strike?
    • As per HR: You will have to contact HR for more information. There are too many variable to get a generic answer from HR
  • What happens to our scheduled vacation?
    • As per HR: Pre-approved vacation which began before the work stoppage will continue as scheduled and at the conclusion of the approved  scheduled vacation the employee would revert to being on a work stoppage.  Approved vacation scheduled to start after the work stoppage begins will not be paid for and no other vacation will be scheduled.  Vacation entitlements will be pro-rated to reflect the time off the job on work stoppage.
    • Unused vacation: As per HR: no decisions have been made on this matter and we are unable to provide you with a response at this time
  • What happens to our benefits, STD and LTD?
    • Where the employer’s insurance company refuses to continue coverage for group life and group extended health premiums for the members, CUPE will ensure members don’t suffer any break in insurance coverage for the duration of the strike. If an illness is declared during a strike, and where no Short Term Disability (STDP) or Long Term Disability (LTDP) is approved by the insurance company, or if the Insurance company stops payment of STDP or LTDP because of a strike, CUPE will provide the member affected with weekly strike pay in lieu of STDP/LTDP.
  • Are reliefs able to choose EI instead of strike pay?
    • NO, they will have to join us on the picket line and receive strike pay.
  • Can Seasonals who are not eligible for EI (work another job) able to strike and get paid for it?
    • No, unfortunately the seasonals will not be in a position to receive strike pay as they would have already received their layoff but we welcome them to join our picket lines.
  • What happens to members who are acting in a supervisory position during the strike?
    • They are expected to join the picket line.
  • What happens to members who are working out of town and a strike is announced?
    • Members are asked to pack it up and come home to work the picket line.
  • What happens if I choose not to strike?
    • Then you will not receive strike pay.
  • Part-time and Temporary employees- strike pay?
    • If you are working at the time that a strike is called you will receive strike pay if you work the picket line.
  • Management is asking to learn my job, do I have to show them?
    • Yes you do, otherwise they can discipline you.
  • Will OMERS be covered while on strike?
    • As per HR: During the work stoppage neither the employee nor the employer will make contributions to the pension plan.  Under OMERS regulations the employee can purchase this period of “Broken Service” by paying both shares of the contributions.  Costing will be prepared at the conclusion of the work stoppage. Employees wishing to